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Has your email address been compromised?

You can check to see if your email address has been compromised by some of the data breaches. Simply go to and enter your email address. Once you enter your questioned email, you will either get good news that it hasn’t been part of any breaches…yet,

or it will let you know what breach your information was a part of.

In the event your email was a part of the data that was breached, it doesn’t mean the bad guys necessarily have access to your email. This is where multi-factor authentication plays a very important role in your security. None the less, you should change your email password and be vigilante of spam messages being sent to you.

The site has additional information of which organization were breached, when, the number of records, as well as the overall story behind the breach. Some of the companies mentioned are Domino’s, Dropbox, Adobe, Experian, imgur, LinkedIn, & River City Media.

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