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WannaCry – Ransomware

A new strain of ransomware was reported on Friday named WannaCry. The ransomware has spread quickly across the world infecting hundreds of thousand systems. This virus is a bit more malicious though because it just doesn’t infect the PC that it came in on, but the whole network in which it is connected to. This virus is so broad Windows created patches for systems they don’t service anymore including XP & Vista. (If you are a business, we have STRONGLY recommended upgrading those PC’s) 

Microsoft has released multiple patches for your PC. We recommend pushing those patches out immediately. There are also other security measures one can take to protect themselves against threats like this, and many more to come, in the future. If you are a business, we recommend installing a firewall and utilize the Gateway Anti-virus features. If you had this enables, the WannaCry attack would have been caught and isolated before it reached your network. We also suggest having a managed backup to your files. If the attack is successful, you can reformat your PC and recover latest backup. Finally, we suggest a patch management solution for your business. This allows patches to be administered and monitors the process to make sure they were successfully installed.