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Do you use Google Docs?

The bad guys are at it again. This time they are targeting Google Doc requests. They are sending out a Google Doc shared document with you. Once you click it, it brings you to a URL redirect.  The final part of the attack is it asks if Google Docs can read, send manage your emails and manage your contact. They are using all of the images that Google has with the Google Drive accounts as well as gmail icon.

Once you click allow, it’s over. At that point, more than likely all of your contacts are going to get the same message to them sent from you.

If you are unsure if Google doc is from a real colleague, pick up the phone and confirm before you open it. Don’t let the bad guys win.

This attack is different from others. It isn’t asking for your password. It’s asking to allow access to your Google accounts. Changing your password will not resolve the issue. You will have to go into permission within your account to remove that permission. Here is the link: You may want to check it out regardless to see what already has permission to your account. You may be surprised.