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.com vs .cm ~ typo

Be careful when typing in the web address for the first time. Hackers are working “smarter not harder.” Instead of trying to trick you into clicking something inside of an email, they are just hoping you type in a URL wrong. “For example, if you try to visit some of the most popular destinations on the Web but omit the “o” in .com (and type .cm instead), there’s a good chance your browser will be bombarded with malware alerts and other misleading messages — potentially even causing your computer to lock up completely.” (Krebs, 2018)

Here is a partial list:  chase[dot]cm, citicards[dot]cm, costco[dot]cm, facebook[dot]cm, hulu[dot]cm, itunes[dot]cm, turbotax[dot]cm, & walmart[dot]cm. For a full list, visit here.

You may visit some of these sites on a daily basis, but the auto fill feature typcially sends you to the right location.